Do You Want to Select the Right Email Marketing Services?

Although technology has sufficiently advanced as far as digital marketing efforts are concerned, however, even today email marketing still remains the relevant strategy for digital marketing efforts. This offers you a chance to directly interact with your prospects and customers and address their concerns and issues.

Active Marketing can offer you the necessary email marketing service as well as support to make your email marketing strategy successful and effective.

The following are a few important email marketing features that are making your email campaign successful even these days.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Data analytics
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with 3rd-party apps
  • Marketing automation
  • Responsive customer support
  • Thoughtful design

Email marketing is still an important aspect of any successful inbound or digital marketing strategy today. No other marketing method allows you to communicate with your clients directly.

However, it, like any other inbound marketing technique, necessitates the use of the appropriate tools for getting started. SEO agency Lancashire can help with this

On the surface, all email service providers appear to perform the same thing: they facilitate you to send bulk emails to all or a few of your contact list. In reality, the situation is more complicated, and there is based on the service you choose, a wide variety of capabilities available to you.

Email campaigns used to use a ‘spray-and-pray’ kind of approach, where emails were just sent out in bulk to the widest possible audiences of contacts whom you knew in the earlier days when you were engaged in inbound marketing.

This was based on the assumption that around 25% of emails that are received would be opened, with 10% to 20% of those resulting in click-through.

As a result, more and more emails were sent out, the higher the number of click-throughs, and consequently the more leads can be generated.

Irrespective of how much effective that kind of strategy was, it is no longer the norm in today’s digital marketing landscape. Since then, a number of concerns have caused email marketers, like Ty Collins to rethink their strategy.

We are increasingly living in a world dominated by personalization, from commerce to online streaming. Customers increasingly want their digital experiences to be tightly personalized to their own tastes and preferences. Emails that appeal to a broad audience have never been more ineffective.

If mass email marketing had been on the decline in recent years, the GDPR’s activation in May of that year signaled the end of the practice. Companies selling to the European Union were required by the regulation to remove all contacts who had not given an express opt-in agreement.

The bulk approach used for email marketing, by definition, relied on massive mailing lists that were erased almost instantly. However, the benefit of such a radical adjustment was that the ensuring marketing lists were more targeted, concentrated, and of higher quality, despite being much smaller.

Today, content has to be eye-catching and also, most importantly, tailored in order to appeal to all these drastically varied marketing lists. These evolving criteria are taken into account by the leading service providers of email marketing these days.