What Is Different About the Multiple Cartridge Printer System?

Printers have been among us for a long time. This generation has not even seen the days when there were no printers. This makes us believe that printers can be taken for granted. However, that is not the case. Printers serve a huge utility for our homes, offices, schools and other purposes too. They make our everyday life a lot easier.

There are many different types of printers and these different types of printers demand different printer cartridges. Broadly speaking, the two different types of printers are inkjet and laser printers. It is a very popularly held misconception that the maintenance of printers is a costly affair.

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About the multiple cartridge printer systems

Over the period, inkjet printers which erstwhile required only two cartridges have been modified to exact eight cartridges. This is because a decrease in the number of cartridges leads to less precision of the print. The printers that used a smaller number of cartridges used to deliver the miserable quality of prints when compared with the present printers.

The two cartridge printers are the original systems used in the inkjet prints and they can still be found with the low-end products of HP and Canon. In this type of printer, one cartridge holds the black colour and the other cartridge holds the yellow, magenta and cyan ink. Those printer models, which focussed primarily on printing photographs had a different model of colour combination.

For low printing volumes, the cost of printing in such printers was less. Another model of printer is the four-cartridge printer. In such printers, cyan, black, magenta and yellow are held in separate cartridges. The benefit of such printers is that you can replace the cartridges separately when they are exhausted. This helps you in saving money.


The printers have evolved with time. The printers of today may be outdated by the different and more advanced models of tomorrow.