Businesses in 2023 That Would Benefit From a Rugged Tablet

Do you own a construction firm, a delivery service, or does the nature of your profession require you to be on the move for most of the day? If so, you probably spend a lot of time on the road. It is without reasonable doubt that you need apparatus that is both very sturdy and highly effective. Don’t be concerned; Mobexx have got you covered with our robust tablets.

In this post, Mobexx will discuss the top five professions that need rugged tablets in order to properly run their enterprises.

Tablets that are built to withstand rough conditions are called robust.

The phrase “rugged tablet” refers to a piece of industrial hardware that has the appearance of a tablet and meets certain characteristics, most notably in terms of its resistance to severe conditions. Tablets that are classified as rugged are required to have an exterior that is resistant to wear and tear, batteries that are designed to endure for an extended period of time, and the capacity to withstand hard treatment, such as being dropped, jostled, and subjected to high temperatures.

The protection offered by these devices is usually certified as being up to military standards. They are compatible with a wide variety of different operating systems, including as Windows, Android, and others.

Are you still unsure of your decision and unable to come to a verdict on whether or not to purchase rugged tablets for the employees of your company? The following is a list of business sectors that need rugged tablets, along with an explanation of why they need them.

The Significance of Rugged Tablets

Field Work: Due to the nature of their work, which requires them to carry out tasks outside in difficult environments such as mangroves, coral reefs, or the ocean, professionals in this field find rugged tablets to be of utmost importance. These environments can make it difficult to use traditional computing devices.

The process of ensuring that manufacturing equipment is in working order in order to satisfy deadlines and quality criteria for items that are being produced by the production sector. Tablets and other electronic gadgets have the potential to tumble off of the machine or collide with its rigid surfaces. Tablets that are built to withstand rough use will always be useful in this industry, which is home to a variety of physically demanding occupations.

People who work in the fields of voyaging and exploration are constantly away from their homes and are typically in the process of travelling. These professionals have a high regard for the lengthy battery life and long-lasting durability that rugged tablets provide.

Providers of delivery and warehousing services may benefit from the barcode scanner included in rugged tablets, making these devices ideal for usage in certain contexts. Because they are always on the go, these professionals don’t want to lose out on one of the most wonderful features available, which is the rugged tablets’ ability to withstand harsh environments.

Construction services: when you think of construction services, you envision frequent movement, lifting of large goods, and other laborious duties. If you have a robust tablet, you won’t have to worry about your gadget being damaged by unexpected spills, shocks, or knocks even if it takes a heavy fall.

Mobexx provide the following varieties of our rugged tablets:

The tablets listed below are some of the most robust options that we provide.


Tablets with this classification are completely sturdy despite having a screen size of 7 inches. Developed to successfully complete challenging responsibilities while operating in challenging environments. Tablets with a robust feature set are included in the M700 series, which comes in a variety of sizes and is built to last. They are engineered to withstand the rigours of industrial usage while offering cutting-edge solutions that increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce operating costs. In addition to that, these tough tablets come with a stunning in-plane switching PCAP touch screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 720. It has a weight of around 550 grammes, which is equivalent to roughly 1.2 pounds, thus it is quite portable.


The M900Q8 is a completely robust tablet with an 8-inch display that runs Android. including a comprehensive selection of options and supplemental components. It is potent, it can be carried everywhere with you, and it is quite simple to use.

M133K, 13.3″ Ultra Rugged Tablets

Because of the strong processing in these robust tablets, you can connect to almost anything. The M133K has a 13.3-inch IPS display that can be read in direct sunlight and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 HD. It is a very advanced machine that was created with the express purpose of preserving sharpness.


Tablets built to withstand rough conditions are reliable, long-lasting, and economical. If you are the owner of a company in one of the aforementioned industrial sectors or any other organisation that engages in tough activities that were not specified above, rugged tablets will save you a lot in unanticipated expenditures caused by regularly broken tablets. Get in touch with us as soon as possible about the acquisition of your rugged tablets.