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“Purple Hearts” is a romantic film directed by Elizabeth Allen and starring Sophia Carson, Nicolas glasing and Jason Jacob. It will be released in the United States on July 29, 2022. The film tells the story of singer songwriter Kathy, who is troubled by mental illness, and the troubled marine Luke, who married only for profit. Despite many differences, singer songwriter Kathy, who was troubled by mental illness, and the troubled marine Luke agreed to marry only for profit. But when tragedy happens, the boundary between truth and falsehood begins to blur. If you want to watch Purple Hearts Trailer online free. You can click “watch movies free online” to watch.

Introduction to Purple Hearts’s Plot

The fate of needing money made a man and a woman meet by chance. The male owner is a member of the Marine Corps who is heavily in debt, and the female owner is a singer who suffers from diabetes but can’t afford medicine. The two fake marriage for getting the special allowance of Ma run, about half of the monthly allowance. The male Lord went to Iraq to serve first, and the two divorced after he returned home.

However, whether ancient or modern, or at home and abroad, fake marriage is always very wonderful. Fake marriage comes true. During his stay in Iraq, the man was injured in both legs by improvised explosive devices and needed to return to recuperate. In order not to arouse suspicion, he had to live in the woman’s home. Over the past few months, under the same roof, the two gradually developed sincere feelings. After overcoming some difficulties, they finally got married.

Purple Hearts Review

This film shows the relevant and realistic problems that people can relate to in daily life. However, with tragedy and romance, it heralds an emotional roller coaster along the way. It may not provide the chemical reaction between Romeo and Juliet you want, but it will keep your attention for at least two hours.